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The Valley Dance Company is an amazing opportunity to develop technical dance skills, while making friends and building confidence. We promote dedication and comradery amongst our teams. Dancers benefit from more focused training during their weekly company rehearsals and they love having the opportunity to perform at local competitions and other local performance opportunities. 

Joining the Valley Dance Company

The majority of our students dance at the recreational level, and we offer a wide variety of instructional, technique-focused weekly classes with a professional year-end revue for them.

But for the student who desires something more, our dance studio has a competition dance team that allows for more performance opportunities and training at dance competitions and conventions.

Our goal for them is to have a competitive, positive, and extremely self-driven group of dancers that are very focused on dance and desire to better themselves while being team players.

Auditions for the 2023-2024 Valley Dance Company will be held in June 2023. 

About the Valley Dance Company

  • We pride ourselves in developing well-rounded dancers. This past seasoon, our team had jazz, lyrical and contemporary routines all earn overall first-place wins.

  • Our routines also won specialty awards for choreography, technique, stage presence, and entertainment. 

  • Awards are fun, but our main goal is to see growth in all of our dancers on and off the stage. It is our desire to develop work ethic, dedication, and drive in our dancers that will serve them well through their dance careers and carry over into all of their future endeavors.

For students who desire more training and performance opportunities at competitions and conventions, we’d love to have you join our dance family!

Team Requirements & audition dates

  • We will have several Competition Teams for our 2022/2023 Season

    • Mini Stars (5-7yrs)- This group is by invitation only. Dancers do not need to audition & will only need to attend one 45 min class/week.​ The Mini Stars will only attend one competition in March (True Dance Challenge- Bethlehem, Pa)

    • Petite Company (7-9yrs)- This group is by audition only. Dancers are required to take a ballet technique class and attend a weekly 60min rehearsal. A jazz or modern/lyrical class is highly recommended, but not mandatory. (The Petite Company will attend 3 competitions)

    • Jr Company (10-14yrs)- This group is by audition Only. Dancers are required to take a ballet & jazz technique class, in addition to a weekly 75min rehearsal. (The Jr Company will attend 3 competitions)

    • Sr Company (14-17yrs)- This group is by audition only. Dancers are required to take a ballet & jazz technique class, in addition to a weekly 75 min rehearsal. (The Sr Company will attend 3 competitions)

    • Tap Company (11-17yrs)- This group is by invitation only. Dancers are required to take a weekly 45 min tap class, in addition to a weekly 1 hour company rehearsal. The Tap Company will attend 3 competitions)

  • We may also have some specialty small group numbers. All of these will be by invitation only. If invited, please know that you are obligated to remain in your large group dances if you choose to accept and participate.

  • All dancers are welcome to perform a solo. Soloists must schedule rehearsal time and choreography with an instructor. Solo rehearsals are on a first come, first serve basis. 

    • In order to perform a solo, dancers must be enrolled in a technique class of that style (for example, if you'd like to do a lyrical solo, you must be taking a lyrical class.

    • Email Miss Maria if you are interested in competing a solo during the 2022/2023 season. 

  • Dancers only need to attend one audition date

  • The Summer Dance Intensive is MANDATORY for all dancers who make the either the Petite, Jr or Sr Company at the July 9th auditions, or for any dancer who wishes to attend auditions on August 20th.

  • There will be several performance opportunites throughout the year:

    • ​VDC Winter Showcase (date TBD)

    • Parades (Bethlehem Halloween Parade)- (date TBD)

    • Iron Pigs Game (Dance Team Night)- (date TBD)

    • Community Events

    • Valley Dance Recital- (May/June 2023)

    • 3 local dance competitions (Mini Stars will only be attending one competition)

  • When auditioning, please keep in mind that there are additional costs for participating in the company. These costs include

    • Classes​

    • Rehearsals

    • Company Apparel

    • Competition Fees

    • Convention Fees

    • Costuming

    • Solo/duet fees

    • and other costs that may arise throughout the year

  • Several fundraising opportunities will be available throughout the year!!


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Spirit of Dance Awards

Allentown, Pa

May 12-14 2023


Zoellner Arts Center- Bethlehem, Pa 

March 17-19 2023


Scottish Rite Cathedral- Allentown, Pa

April 22-23 2023

Audition Dates
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