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Studio Policies

Registration & Tuition

  • There are two options for class payments

    • ​Pay for the season (Sept-June) in full by September 30th and receive a 10% discount. (Full year payment can be made by check or credit/debit card in studio). This option is only available for students enrolling in September.

      • 30 min class- $450 for full season or $45/month

      • 45 min class- $550 for full season or $55/month

      • 60 min class- $650 for full season or $65/month

      • 75 min class- $700 for full season or $70/month

    • Split tuition into 10 monthly payments (Sept-June). Payment will be withdrawn on the 1st of the month via AutoPay​

      • For Example: If you are registered for one 45 min class, your tuition is $550 for the entire dance season (Sept  to June). Which means you will pay $55 per month starting with your registration in September and continuing through to June. ​Tuition has nothing to do with the number of weeks/classes in a month

  • AutoPay is required when registering.

    • When you are enrolled in autopay you will avoid paying the 2.75% convenience fee starting with the October 1st auto-payment.

    • If your tuition payment does not come out via AutoPay and you pay by credit card at the front desk or through your Parent Portal manually, there will be a 2.75% convenience fee. 

  • Payment is due upon registration

  • Registration is done through our Parent Portal on Dance Studio Pro. 

  • $25 Registration fee per family

  • $5 declined credit card fee

  • 10% late fee for anything that is 10 days late

  • Each additional class or sibling will receive a $5.00 discount. 

  • You must have a $0 balance in order to register

  • There will be no refunds for recital costume fees

  • Tuition that is 2 months past due will result in dancers not being able to continue to attend class.

  • Any balance that is left unpaid at the end of the dance season will be sent to collections if a payment plan is not already agreed upon and in a current state.

  • Adult class drop in fees can be paid for by cash, check or credit/debit card

  • All parents must sign our waiver at registration

  • Monthly payment is the same no matter how many weeks or classes are in a month

  • If you wish to withdraw from class, written notice (email or letter) must be given 2 weeks before the 1st of the month

  • There will be no refunds given for payments already made.

  • Profits from fundraisers are non-refundable. If you withdraw from classes, any leftover credits/fundraiser profits in your account will stay in your account for one year.  After that, if they are unused, they will go into a scholarship fund for dancers in need. 

  • The Director reserves the right to cancel any class for the year due to insufficient enrollment. We will do all we can to reschedule the student to an appropriate class.  

  • In the event that we have to shutdown again due to Covid-19, we will transfer all classes to Zoom until we are able to open back up. No refunds will be given. If you need to drop class you must let us know in a written email 2 weeks before the 1st of the next month. 

  • The studio does not permit the use of our name or logo in creating merchanise (ie. bags, apparel, gifts) by vinyl/cricut or custom designed items for personal use or group distribution. Attempting to create or sell items with our logo or name will result in copyright/legal action.



  • Please be prompt in dropping off and picking up students

  • Studio doors will open 15 mins before the first class of the night. 

  • There will be a $1/minute charge for any student not picked up within 15 minutes of their class ending (unless otherwise discussed with their instructor). 

  • For their safety, all students must be escorted into the studio before lessons and wait inside the studio to be picked up after lessons

  • Ensure your student is with an Instructor and in a lesson before leaving

  • No gum chewing in the studio at any time

  • No Food or Drink allowed in the studio (water ok)

  • No street shoes on the dance floor

  • Parents are responsible for monitoring all siblings not in lessons

  • Valley Dance and it’s staff are not liable for any damage to or losses of personal property or valuables

  • Any choreography learned by a student is the sole property of the Studio and may not be copied or used for any activity outside of the Studio’s scope.  Permission must be granted by the Studio for any student to use Studio choreography at any venue where the member is not with the Studio or acting on behalf of the Studio 

  • All imagery including, but not limited to, photographs and video recordings of a student is the sole property of the Studio and may be used at the discretion of the Studio for advertising/promotional purposes

  • Dance involves progressive learning and regular attendance is essential to a
    student’s progress. Please call the studio to let us know if you or your student is going to miss a class. This becomes especially important when we are preparing for performances and recitals.

  • Missed classes cannot be made up. There are no refunds for missed classes.

  • Misconduct at Valley Dance will not be tolerated. Any such conduct may result in parent conferences and possible student suspension and or removal from
    participation of classes, rehearsals and performances at Valley Dance. Insubordination will
    not be tolerated with any of our teachers and staff here at Valley Dance.

Inclement Weather Policy

  • When Bethlehem public schools are closed due to bad weather, Valley Dance will also be closed. However, there are exceptions to this rule, such as roads being cleared by class time. Cancellations will be announced through email and social media.

  • If a class is cancelled, students may make up the class in a class that is close to their age level. Please email us if you plan on making up a class in another class. 

  • If a class is cancelled more than twice due to a snow day, a make-up class will be scheduled.

Covid Precautions

  • We continue to take the health and safety of our dancers and staff very seriously. Our Covid precautions are based on CDC Guidelines and may change throughout the year. Please be sure to read our Studio Policies for more information. 

  • Masks are currently optional!

  • Our waiting room will re-open for parents to wait during their child's class. We ask parents please remain in the front waiting room only. The Dance Dan is for dancers only. 

  • Parents are not permitted down the hall to the studios unless you are in our Dance With Me (Parent & Me) Class. Even then, please only one parent/ adult in the studio with each dancer. 

  • Dancers walk barefoot from the Dance Den to the studios and we want to avoid street shoes and dirt in that area. 

  • We will continue to clean and disinfect our dance floors and studio throughout the day. 

  • Lastly, if you or your dancer is feeling even the slightest bit ill we ask that you please stay home. This will be extremely important as we get closer to cold/flu season this year. If your child is sick and still wants to participate in class, we are happy to offer every class virtually! Please email Miss Maria to let us know your dancer will be taking class through Zoom that day.

  • Please note, Zoom is only for dancers who are not feeling well. It takes time away from class for our teachers to set up Zoom, so please do not take advantage of the virtual class option. 

  • I appreciate everyone's cooperation in following these guidelines. If we all work together to keep our studio a safe place we will have another great, healthy, dance season! 

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