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Recital 2023

When I Grow Up
June 3rd @ Zoellner Arts Center

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Important Dates to Remember

April 28th-29th- Picture Days (More Info)

May 6th @ 12 Noon- Tickets go on sale!


June 2nd- Dress Rehearsal (4pm Start Time)


June 3rd- Show Time! (Shows @ 2pm & 6pm)

What Show is my Dancer in?


Saturday 2pm

Fairytale Ballet (Tues 4:30pm)

Fairytale Ballet (Tues 10:30am)

Mini Stars (Tues 4:45pm)

Tap I (Wed 6:45pm)

Jazz I (Thurs 4:45pm)

Tiny Movers (Thurs 4:45pm)

Tiny Dancers (Thurs 5:45pm)

Hip Hop I (Fri 5:15pm)

Tumble Time (Sat 9:30am)

Tiny Dancers (Sat 10:30am)

Hip Hop I (Tues 6:30pm)

Intro to Dance (Wed 5:45pm)

Sr Company- 'Sanctuary'

Jr Company- 'Are You With Me'

Ava & Claire's Duet- 'Best Friends'

Vaniah's Solo- 'Crossroads

Camryn's Solo- 'Fierce'


Saturday 6:00pm

Tiny Movers (Mon 4:00pm)

Tiny Dancers (Mon 4:45pm)

Tiny Dancers (Mon 5:00pm)

Ballet I (Tues 5:30pm)

Fairytale Ballet (Wed 4:00pm)

Acro I (Wed 4:45pm)

Modern/Lyrical I (Wed 5:45pm)

Tumble Tots (Sat 9:00am)

Fairytale Ballet (Sat 10:45am)

Sr Company- 'Willow'

Jr Company- 'Glam'

Kelly's Solo- 'New Dorp, New York'

Claire's Solo- 'Grown'

Sydney's Solo- 'All That Matters'

Zahra's Solo

Adult Hip Hop

Adult Jazz

Adult Tap

Adult Ballet

Adult Modern/Contemporary


Saturday 2pm & 6pm

Jazz II (Mon 5:00pm)

Acro III (Mon 6:30pm)

Modern/Lyrical II (Mon 6:45pm)

Ballet III (Mon 7:30pm)

Acro II (Tues 5:30pm)

Ballet II (Tues 6:30pm)

Musical Theatre (Wed 5:00pm)

Tap II (Tues 7:30pm)

Jazz III (Wed 6:30pm)

Modern/Lyrical III (Thurs 7:45pm)

Hip Hop II (Fri 6:00pm)

Tap Company- 'Valerie'

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