choreogrpaher's workshop 6 week session

This workshop will give you the tools to create your own original dances, exploring the elements of composition, both for the stage as well as for dance films. We will examine the creative process by learning how to take risks, transition from thinking to feeling to making artistic choices. Through short in-class assignments and work outside of class, students will investigate both form and content in choreography. Participants will create and perform solo studies based on choreographic problems to be filmed and streamed in our Winter Choreographer's Workshop Showcase. We look not only at what you dance but also ask the question “Why do you dance?” Dance is the expressive medium of our heart, mind, and soul.


Course Objectives

*To understand choreographic elements and design.

*To utilize movement exploration and improvisation to develop movement vocabulary.

*To develop subject matter.

*To identify choreographic forms.

*To recognize choreographic styles.

*To develop the skill to critically and articulately analyze a dance with an objective eye.

*To learn how to give feedback, appreciate, and respect each other’s creative process.

*To develop the skills of critical thinking.

*To give you confidence in understanding what you are seeing.

*To help develop a sense of your own aesthetic tastes.

Choreographer's Workshop

6 Week Session

Dec 1st-Jan 12th

(no class 12/22)

Tuesdays 7:40-8:40pm


Ages 9-18yrs



2027 Willow Park Rd C-2

Bethlehem, Pa 18020



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