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DIY Ballet Barre

As we continue with Virtual Dance Classes, I wanted to share with everyone a simple DIY Ballet Barre you can make out of PVC. This barre is great for all dance classes, and once we get back to the studio it will be great for practicing at home! This is how I made the barres we have been using at our temporary space at the church. So if I can do it, you can totally do it! I think each barre cost me around $30 to make, maybe even less. When I was making them, I didn't have any knowledge of working with PVC.....I didn't even have a saw lol. Instead of using a saw I purchased a PVC cutter. (This is the exact one I purchased at Lowes). Just was a real workout, so if you have a saw I suggest just using that. Once the pieces are cut, the rest is super simple!

Click here for the instructions for the DIY PVC Ballet Barre.

Once you have your barre made, why not have some fun and decorate it! Paint it your favorite color, add some rhinestones, put your name on it! It's important to have your own special dance space for your virtual dance classes. Remember, your dance space doesn't need to be huge or elaborate.

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