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Benefits of Dance for Children

We can't even begin to count all the benefits dance has for children in their development! Humans have been dancing before there was language or writing. And whether you think you're a good or bad dancer, everyone dances! Children dance before they speak or walk. Here at Valley Dance we believe that dance class is extremely beneficial to the development of a child.

Physical Development

Dance teaches coordination and kinesthetic memory. Although this can be gained in a variety of sports/activities, dance requires a greater range of motion, coordination, strength & endurance. Dance is a great form of physical fitness and since children are naturally active, dance is a great way to focus that energy!

Emotional Maturity

Dance is a great way to teach children emotional expression. Through dance, children become aware of themselves and others. They learn to appreciate themselves and can use dance as another form of self expression.

I find dance to be therapeutic! I could be having the worse day, but when you enter the studio dancers learn to leave that outside. And by the end of the class I feel so much better about things. I've seen that in my students as well. They come in stressed about school, friends or family. Some have come into class already crying. But as soon as we start dancing, I can see that stress wash away from them. And by the end of class those tears are replaced with a huge smile. And I hope they are taking that feeling home with them after each class.

Social Awareness

Dance class is a way for children to engage in new social encounters. Whether it's making new dance friends, or working in a group during class. Children learn how to solve problems and communicate through movement. I was, and still am, very shy in public/social settings. But some of the best friends I've made have been through dance! Whether that's because I naturally feel more comfortable in a dance studio, or dance gives me the confidence to communicate with people...I'm not sure. But I do know that dance brings children together and gets them working together in ways that other activities do not.

In my personal experience, as someone who has been in dance class since the age of 3, I do not know if I'd be where I am today without dance. Dance has given me the confidence to speak in a public setting and to share my creative ideas in an office workspace. It's made me a confident, strong person. It's also taught me respect, time management, responsibility and more! As dancers, we know we have to be prepared for anything come performance time and I believe that attitude has followed me in every aspect of life.

I know not every child who dances when they're 5 will continue with dance classes their entire life. But I do believe that the time they spend in dance class will help mold them into strong, respectful, socially aware human beings.

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