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Adult Class Cards

Class Cards

5 Class Card- $65

10 Class Card- $130

Where do I purchase a class card?

You can purchase your class card right through our Portal. Click on 'Register' and it will take you there!

What are the benefits of a Class Card?

If you have a class card, drop in classes are cheaper! (For example, dropping into a 45 min class will be only $13/class, instead of $15). So if you know you're going to be doing a bunch of drop-ins, it's definitely a better deal! Another benefit is if you sign up for a drop-in and don't show, you won't get charged!

Do I have to print my Class Card?

Nope! Class cards are virtual! You do not need to print your card (unless. you want to!)

How do I use a Class Card?

A class card allows you to drop into a class! When you know you want to do a drop-in, log into the Portal and sign up for that class. When it takes you to the payment screen, just select "I will be using my punch card" and you will be added to the class as a drop-in but will not have to make any payments.

How does my card get punched?

 When you get to your drop-in class, simply tell your instructor or the front desk, that you will be using a 'punch' and they will virtually punch your card for you! 

Do Class Cards expire?

Your class card will expire 365 day after the date of purchase. Which gives you plenty of time to use it up! 

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